A creative and resourceful project of ‘Recycling of the Juta’ for Universo Parallelo '13 Festival (2015-2016) on Pratigi beach, Bahia, Brazil.

Using simple materials and tools to create the shade for the Feira Mix (Market Space), working with a range of teams across production.

Bamboo structural design: Michele Petillo
In collaboration with Portugese Artist: PMC Feijão
Assisted by Diego S, Jimena, Diorge L, Alex Santos

Metres of painted juta: More than 2,000
Materials: Old juta, expired paint, paint tint, sponge rollers
Feira Mix Stall measurements : 9.5m (L) x 4.5m (W) about 5m (H)
Number of units: 20 bamboo structures
Number of shops: 40

Feira Mix – Universo Paralello 13 – Brazil (2015)

Designing tribal patterns inspired by nature, animals and global tribes such as the Xingu in Brazil and Kunas in Panama

All jute was recycled from the main stage from the previous edition two years before

Mixing all the paint colours from scratch using only tint

Pulling the jute through the specially fabricated paint machine

Painting patterns using sponge rollers

Various textures and patterns

Painted, dried and rolled. Jute ready for hanging

‘Fulia’ Clothing Shop

Feira Mix Set up of Market Space