Weaving a willow wall for the ‘Sacred Fire’ Stage – Boom Festival, Portugal

A beautifully crafted project of weaving a willow wall. Based on the idea of a basket, the 70 metre wall wraps around around the ‘World Music’ Stage.

Materials: Willow, wood, thin wire, linseed oil, jute
Perimeter around stage and backstage: 70 metres
Height of wall and rooms: Varies, from 1.3m – 2.15m
Amount of willow used: Over 1 tonne

  • Role Architect, designer, builder
  • Date June – September 2016
  • URL www.boomfestival.org
  • Collaborators Salvador G, Emely F, Sofie FE and Miriam G, Mathias, Basti, Vicente

Sacred Fire Stage, Boom Festival – Portugal (2016)

Weaving the wave

Side of Stage

Waves of Willow

Willow web with off cuts

Back stage rooms with pointed tops made steel, jute and painted with clay

Reggie structure covered with Willow

Detail of Eye

‘Terrakota’ playing at the World Music Stage