Working for the Tribal Gathering Festival, ‘GeoParadise’ Charity in Panama.

The design and build of eight traditional Kuna Houses, fixed around a central village point. The houses joined up with the main structure, (the GeoHaven Temple) the focal spot for ceremonial rituals, workshops, mediation and lectures.
Project managing and working with Kuna, Emberra, Borucan tribes, Panamanian locals and international volunteers.

8 Houses: varies from 2.5 – 4.5 metres high
GeoHaven Temple: 7 x 7m. 10m at peak
Materials: Bamboo, wood, cana, penca

  • Role Designer, builder, project manager
  • Date December 2014 – February 2015
  • Type Construction building, design, project management
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Geohaven Temple, Tribal Gathering – Panama (2015)

Designing the GeoHaven village

Set out of houses, working with the Kuna Tribes

Notching into canas

Canas walls

Fixing the canas rafters onto purlins

Construction of 8 houses and 7 metre high temple

A little sketch goes a long way. Detail for central wall

Entrance to Geohaven

Completed houses with Kuna palm decorations

Exterior view

Interior view

Looking up at roof

Geohaven main space

Kuna Yala market selling molas and other artisan products

Kuna Chica Fuerte ceremony in the GeoHaven