Leaves, Seeds, Reeds and Flowers

The Nataraj Dance Stage – Boom Festival, Portugal

This stage celebrates the movement and flow inspired by the sea. Using hand crafts and techniques from the Philippines and Indonesia, the Nataraj Stage explores the power of repetitive formation. From the point of harvest to completion, all components of the installation were made with meticulous care and patience.
All materials (except the bamboo, which was sourced from Indonesia,) were gathered from the land around Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal.

Materials: Vime (Willow), cortiça (cork), cane (canas), erva (grass) bamboo, leaves and flowers from the land, natural rope, lycra and jute.

  • Role Architect, designer, Builder
  • Date June – August 2018
  • URL www.boomfestival.org
  • Collaborators Chantelle Gomez, Ruben Paixão, Nina Kim, Catarina Godinho, Vivian Gandour,
  • Boom Team David Monteiro, David Leitão, Inês Achando, Inês Branco, Jess Lee, Moritz Von Sinen, Marcelo Mateus
  • Central Plaza Team Nena Alves, Pastor Muniz, Emilano Eustacio, Gerado Astigarrada

Nataraj Stage with Nataraj Shrine (2018) Materials: Cork, willow, rope, and wood

Willow wall, with the material soaking in a custom made bath

Weaving the willow wall

Using grass and cane for Pendors lamps

Fresh leaves, plants and flowers harvested from the land

Canas sun decoration

View of the Stage

View to the front of stage

Woven willow wall

Woven willow wall

Balinese Pendor Hanging Decoration

Nataraj Dance Workshops