A Timber House

The construction of a 310 sq/m digitally manufactured home in Barnet, designed and built by the company Facit Homes UK LTD.
Taking the role as Site Manager for the entire 12-month period of Stage 5 Manufacture and Construction where I was responsible for managing and coordinating activity between head office and on-site to ensure the project was built on time and on budget.
Worked closely with the Project Leader, the Contract Manager and Lead Carpenter, managing and coordinating design information and drawings, inspecting works in progress and completed, leading weekly site meetings with the studio and site team and overseeing the completion of all subcontractors’ scope of works.

FACIT UK Project Team:
Directors: Bruce Bell and Rhys Denbeigh
Project Leader: Jonathan Turney
Head of Product Development: Pedro Hurtado Silva
Contract Manager: Alessandra di Simone
Lead Carpenter: Daniel Westaway
Supply Project planner: Charles Iliop

  • Role Site Coordinator for Facit Homes UK
  • For Anand and Veena Verma
  • Date February 2021 – March 2022
  • Type Private Home (New Build)

FACIT HOMES Timber Frame and main structure.
Construction from above (Image: Rhys Denbeigh FACIT)

Posi Joists (Ground Floor)

The Chassis - Plywood components walls and headers (First Floor)

External Elevation (April 2021)

External Elevation (June 2021)

Roof Structure and Truss (Second Floor)

Chassis Roof Components (Roof Level)

External Elevation (July 2021)

External Elevation (January 2022)

External Elevation (February 2022)

External Elevation Back (February 2022)