A Bamboo School

From Festival to Primary School in San Pablo La Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

This bamboo building is a multi-functional eco-class room measuring 84 m2 where students can practice art, music, sports and workshops that complement and enrich the formal education children are receiving in San Pablo.
It was built on the third floor of an existing primary school that subscribes over 1,200 students. Our vision was to deliver a space which was strong and inspiring for students and the whole community.

The bamboo used to make the school was donated from the Cosmic Convergence Festival, an annual event which takes place on Lake Atitlán every December.

Working with non-profit Organisation Cosmic Social Outreach (Guatemala) Synaptica Projects (Italy), El Arte del Bambu (Guatemala).

Project Leader and Co-ordinator: Agostino Gianetti
Contractor and Lead Builder: Ivan Davilla
With: Silvia Zamprogna and Vicente Cuc

And the Cosmic Team: Romã Pujol, Esmerelda, Sanjita, Daniel Lopez

  • Role Designer and co-coordinator
  • Date December 2018 until present
  • URL www.facebook.com/CCSocialOutReach/
  • Materials Materials: Bamboo, bamboo cincho, mud, clay, lime, iron steel and concrete, with corrugated plasti

San Pablo Primary School - Guatemala (Jan 2020)
(Image : Josué Samol Navichoc)

Inside of view of the Eco-Class Room, San Pablo Primary School - Guatemala (Sept 2019)
Image : Ivan Davilla

The current primary school which has more than 1,200 students in attendance

The Bio-Construction Journey Bamboo Course - Students learnt how to work with bamboo and make the structural columns of the school

One bamboo column out of 12 completed by the Bio-Construction Journey students

Bio-Construction Journey Students, local workers and the Cosmic Social Outreach and Cosmic Convergence Team
Image : Remington Wilcox

On January 7th 2019, we moved more than 120 pieces of bamboo from Santiago to San Pablo

April 2019 - Work begins. The first columns go up on the third storey of the school
Image : Ivan Davilla

April 2019 - All columns are erected and first beams are put in
Image : Ivan Davilla

May 2019 - (View from below) Roof rafters are added on top of beams
Image : Ivan Davilla

May 2019 - (View from top) Roof rafters are added on top of beams
Image : Ivan Davilla

June 2019 - Weaving the bamboo split roof Image : Ivan Davilla

June 2019 - The walls are filled in with the ancient Mayan technique bajareke using mud, sand, clay and water
Image : Ivan Davilla

July 2019 - The Bajareke walls are rendered over with two/three coats of lime to finish
Image : Ivan Davilla

November 2019 - Finished school and structure (awaiting final snagging details to be completed in January 2020)
Image : Ivan Davilla