A Bamboo Stage

The Bass Stage (IXCACO) – Cosmic Convergence Festival, Guatemala

A collaboration with the artist Selva Bharavi. The theme was ‘IXCACO, the Mayan goddess of Chocolate’ who represents fertility, the Earth and the Feminine. Inspiration for the deco was from the Cacao Flower, which was made from plants and flowers, and the Cacao Tree, the inspiration for the main stage structure, which made from bamboo and covered in coconut leaves.

Bamboo, bamboo splits, coconut and palm leaves, corozo plant, corn husks, banana flowers, fresh flowers and plants from the land, wood, vine, mangey rope, wire, thread rod.
Shade: Juta (plain and dyed), cotton

  • Role Architect, designer and builder
  • Date December 2018 – January 2019
  • URL www.facebook.com/BhairaviSelva/ and www.cosmicconvergencefestivalfestival.org
  • Collaborators Selva Bharavi, Digo, David Casey
  • Cosmic Team Ago, Oscar, Ivan, Elisabeth, Tarek, Daan, Hector, Gaia, Luis, Giovanni, William, Matthew
  • Cosmic Contbutors Manichan, Andrei, Erich, David, Bobby, Nico, Sangita, Miriam, Ariana, Celia, Thjeu, Mauricio, Miska,
  • Deco Team Sandra, Valerie, Jules, Bella, Felix, Colibri, Patricia, Gabriella, Benjamin, Eric

IXCACO Cacao Stage (2018) (Image : Pink Plankton)

View of San Pedro Volcano and Stage (Image : Pink Plankton)

Construction of Stage

Construction of Stage

The Bass Stage, IXCACO Theobroma

View to the front of stage (Image : Pink Plankton)

View of shade and Goddess

Natural Deco, details of Mandala Flowers and elements (Images : Remington Wilcox)

Stage during the day (Image : Pink Plankton)

The Jungle, inside view looking to the crowd (Image : Pink Plankton)

IXCACO at Night (Image : Pink Plankton)

The Goddess of Cacao

Cosmic Team at completion of the IXCACO Stage – 28th December 2018