Painting eight themed mandalas for luxury Pousada ‘Minha Louca Paixão’ on the island Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil in collaboration with the Portuguese Artist PMC Feijão.

A project of labour, love and devotion painting on a concrete floor for three weeks. First, precisely outlining guidelines with white chalk, then painting over them in two to three layers of emulsion white paint.

A project for dear friends Sophia Fernades and Regina Amaral Martins who gave us the opportunity to work on the exclusive resort in Morro de São Paulo and to understand the beautiful process of making and creating a mandala.

Manadala diameters: from 2 metres to 6 metres
Materials: White chalk, white paint, string, old sofa leg

Painting ‘Minha Louca Paixão Restaurant’, Morro de São Paulo. Collaborating with PMC Feijão, 2016

Designing manadalas

Circular chalk outlines for Espírito Santo Mandala

Using an old sofa leg and string leg to create large diameters of circles

Chalk outlines for Espírito Santo Mandala

Painting with white emulsion paint over chalk lines

Painting a third coat with white emulsion paint

Painting with white emulsion paint over chalk lines

Mandala Ananás (Pineapple)

Mandala Marroquina (Morrocan)

Mandala Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit)

Mandala Jardim (Garden)

Mandala Amor (Love)

Mandala Aqua (Water)

View into Minha Louca Paixão Restaurant

Minha Louca Paixão Restaurant and Pousada after completion of project